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The Everyday Athlete

What is the difference between an athlete and the general population? Sports skills and the elite physical shape they are in. Not every person in the world is going to have amazing talent at a sport, but everyone can reach a high level of physical conditioning. Most people work out to look good and stay […]

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Weights and women, four tips to better lower body

Four tips to better lower body The weight room, once a place for only men, is seeing more and more women, which is a wonderful thing. For the fear of “bulking up” and “getting manly”, women have stayed to the cardio equipment in hopes of staying thin. It is now mainstream knowledge that women should […]

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Weightlifting in Your Golden Years Improves Load Bearing Bones

Weightlifting in Your Golden Years Osteoporosis is a major disease affecting the bone that leads to an increased risk of fracture. The main marker in identifying the disease is bone mineral density (BMD). Osteoporosis is responsible for compromising BMD and decreased overall bone strength. The disease usually appears later in life 35 years or later due […]

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Importance of Strength Training

If there was a drug that with continuous dosage could provide a happier mood, improved physique, eliminate aches and pains, and make you live longer would you take it? Luckily there is, it goes by the name resistance or strength training. Strength training in short is the lifting of a progressively heavier load by using […]

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5 Moves For Prodigious Power In The Gym - Strength Training

5 Moves For Prodigious Power In The Gym – Strength Training

5 Moves for Power Training 1Power: A term often used to describe strong, quick movements in athletics. Power is the amount of work done per unit of time. The linebacker buries a running back in the time it takes you to click the remote control. That’s pure power, the sum of speed plus strength. Some […]

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