Fear Failure Not Success

We all have fears. Some big, some small, but either way it is utterly impossible to traverse through life without a handful of them. I, myself, am scared of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers…not my thing. I don’t swim very well and the fear of the unknown freaks me out. You may see me in a pool and I don’t want to stink so showers are a must, but water sports and swimming are far fetched in my world. Fears are part of life and that has to be accepted but it is how we handle [...]

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An Uncomfortable Girl Gets Strong

By Brigid Morrissey She has often wondered, “Why would you want to lose weight and take up less space in this world?” And, that was the question Michelle Jones rhetorically asked as I met her at Everyday Athletes. Michelle turned 30 in November, and to her it was a big deal — not because she’s afraid of getting older, but because... ...there are goals she wanted to accomplish beforehand. Those goals include wearing a bikini, walking around without a sweater, and being comfortable in her own skin. Michelle has struggled with her weight and self-perception. [...]

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Improve Movement Day by Day

Louisville personal trainer Chance Cianciola of Everyday Athletes shares thoughts on improving your movements everyday. Through my years of training and coaching I have never found anyone who is a perfect mover, including myself. We all have issues whether it is weak muscles, tight and restricted joints, or lack of coordination through specific movements. At Everyday Athletes we start all members with an assessment to find these areas of focus to create a plan to fix them. However, the assessment continues every single workout. Everyone improves week to week and month to month, but along [...]

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Fixing Knee Pain

Fixing Knee Pain You have tried ice you’ve tried heat but that knee pain keeps coming back. Knee pain is a complex issue. There are a number of factors that could affect the way the joint moves. If the path of the knee is out of alignment or is weak and allows movement in lateral directions then the likelihood of a knee injury occurring is increased. The ways in which we move affect how healthy the knee is when flexing and extending. If we are moving improperly we are only reinforcing bad movement patterns. Improper [...]

5 reasons why a coach can improve your workouts

5 Reasons Why to Hire a Personal Trainer Do you have fitness goals? Are you trying to lose some weight, get stronger, or just be healthier overall? Have you ever thought about hiring a coach to help you get the job done? More and more people are getting involved in some type of fitness routine. From Zumba to bootcamps to yoga people are joining gyms all over the country. Many people join a big gym in hopes to go and get the body they desire all on their own. This is a tough task for [...]

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