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Personal Trainers and Fitness Solutions in Louisville, KY

No one wants to be just a number in a system.

At Everyday Athletes in Louisville, KY we provide a personal touch to fitness with personal trainers that look at your specific needs and create a program that creates results. Learning your goals and needs helps us hold you accountable and motivate you to reach your goals.

Using a personal trainer at the gym has been proven to maximize your time and money. Our personal trainers provide an individual roadmap to help each member reach their goals.

Your journey begins with a professional assessment that looks at goals, history, individual needs, body composition, and any past injuries or current pain. This allows our trainers to create a complete program customized to your needs.

More than Fitness

Nutrition and lifestyle are other huge aspects of overall health. Too often, a good workout is counteracted by bad habits at home, such as poor diet or sleeping patterns. Many people falter because they are not exactly sure what to eat or how to recover. This is where a personal coach can lend a helping hand.

Sometimes bad habits are obvious, but sometimes it may be things you don’t even notice that can completely derail your progress. We take a one-on-one approach that looks at diet, stress, and other factors in life to break down your hurdles and launch you into success.

Affordable Fitness Solutions

Personal trainers are not just for the rich and famous. If you’re already paying for a gym membership it’s well worth the additional cost to also get the information, program, and guidance that promises results. In the fitness world, people pay for the results they want and the proper training and knowledge that comes with it. Invest in a coach and get the return you are looking for.

Our Staff

Personal training is about getting you the results you want as fast as possible. Our certified trainers and coaches are the most educated professionals in the city, which gives you more tools and knowledge than you’ve ever had before.

We get to know how your body works and moves in areas of kinesiology, athleticism, nutrition, and both physical and mental strength. We begin by analyzing your current movement patterns and help correct and perfect each pattern to improve strength, endurance, and mobility while honing in on your specific fitness goals.

At Everyday Athletes we don’t believe in gimmicks or flash; instead we trust in and apply methods that have been working for years. Our community gives you a supportive atmosphere that makes YOUR goal OUR goal.

Getting Started

Your personal training begins with a simple phone call. Once you arrive on your first day, one of our certified trainers will give you a quick tour of our facility to help you feel at home.

After we learn a little more about your fitness history we’ll walk you through a pain free movement screening. Using the information from this screening we will start developing the most effective and comprehensive fitness program possible.

We strive to be the most personalized training option in the Louisville, KY area. Let us help you become the ideal version of yourself. Start with two free weeks of training and schedule your orientation today!


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