The Myth Of Programming

Programming isn’t really a thing, yet most people buy into the hype of online programming. Don’t let this be you! Powerlifting is an ever-evolving sport. Starting as a strength sport only for those daring enough to suit up in multi-ply gear, powerlifting has gained enough popularity that just about anyone interested in working out has started to adopt powerlifting into their training. Over the past decade, the volume of powerlifting meets across the country has more than doubled, and the number of participants is growing at an exponential rate. Add the advent of Instagram and [...]

No More Fat Powerlifters

No More Strong Fat Guys A Conditioning Guide for Strength Athletes by Chance Cianciola | 03/31/15 Tags: Conditioning Finishers Powerlifting & Strength Here's what you need to know... Programmed wisely, concurrent training – working on strength and conditioning at the same time – can make you stronger. The myth about endurance work causing strength loss was taken from research involving extreme cases. GPP isn't that important for powerlifting meets, but it is when it comes to training for those meets. Having a solid foundation of conditioning will speed recovery from strength training. Mobility circuits kill [...]

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Learn Proper Breathing Patterns: Learn to Lift More

TAGS: proper breathing mechanics, Postural Restoration Institute, Postural Restoration, Dysfunctional Breather, Diaphragmatic breathing, Breathing Mechanics, 90-90 Hip Lift, Core Stabilization, breathing, PR, squat When we talk squatting, the first muscles that come to mind are almost always quads. The more advanced and educated will have a long list of additions: hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, and (last but not least) core. How do most training programs that are designed to increase your squat look? Sure, you will squat and then add in hamstring work, low back, and accessory quadricep movements. Finally, you will throw in some [...]

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5 reasons why a coach can improve your workouts

5 Reasons Why to Hire a Personal Trainer Do you have fitness goals? Are you trying to lose some weight, get stronger, or just be healthier overall? Have you ever thought about hiring a coach to help you get the job done? More and more people are getting involved in some type of fitness routine. From Zumba to bootcamps to yoga people are joining gyms all over the country. Many people join a big gym in hopes to go and get the body they desire all on their own. This is a tough task for [...]

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Always Lift with Proper Form

Lifting with Proper Form I was listening to podcast earlier today and the discussion of form in the weight room came up. This is a big deal when it comes to exercise. Proper form is huge in getting the gains you desire as well as keeping yourself healthy and injury-free. So many times in the gym (especially commercial gyms) you see Kevin Quarter-Squat and Roger Round-Back lifting with the worst form known to man. Not only will these two not get the strength gains that they need to get girls to like them, but they will also [...]

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