If there was a drug that with continuous dosage could provide a happier mood, improved physique, eliminate aches and pains, and make you live longer would you take it? Luckily there is, it goes by the name resistance or strength training. Strength training in short is the lifting of a progressively heavier load by using muscular force in the body. The methods of doing this can vary in forms, most popular being standard weights. Resistance bands, weight machines, and even your own body weight can all produce changes in the muscle if performed in a correct and efficient way. When lifting a weight or pulling a band the body senses this as stress and wants to make it easier.

Changing the Body

One of the first ways that the body will accomplish this task is by creating a more efficient nervous system to help turn the muscles on. This will happen within the first few weeks of training. Stressing the body with strength training can have a universal effect on hormone response in the body as well. The endorphins that are released during this style of training have been marked in studies for the reduction of depression in participants as well as an increased overall mood. Improved strength and mood are important but with any new activity there are always concerns.

Proper Guidance

Improper form and over reaching goals can cause a person to injury themselves and over stress the body to the point where it starts shutting down. We tend to go at things full speed and more is always better right? It is important to consult with fitness professionals. They will be able to assess your body mechanics and pin point areas that may be weak and imbalanced that could be prone to injury in the near future. Correcting issues needs specific exercises because exercise can only cause adaptations in strength for the muscles that are used. The aligned body and improved mood created with strength training are likely stimulated by the regulation of hormones in the body.

Strength Training and Hormones

Increased muscular strength can increase the size of the muscles and with more muscle in the body major hormones can work more efficiently. Improved utilization and regulation of hormones include estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, growth hormone, insulin, and cortisol. Making sense of all these breaks down to the fact that when your hormones are in control your body is far more equipped to create more muscle, fight infections, and most importantly for women create and maintain strong bones. This is merely scratching the surface of all the benefits of strength training! Resistance training is safe for everyone and under correct guidance; it is one of the most beneficial activities you can perform for your health. It will improve and increase the years on your life.