5 Minute Abs

5 Minute Abs In the 90’s there was a workout created called “8 Minute Abs”. It was a big craze being that people wanted abs and they wanted them fast. Nothing was better than a “6-pack” at the beach, and I’m not talking beer. Since then there have been jokes, products, and other claiming 7 […]

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Semi Private pesonal training Louisville

3 Most Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes by basedchance Working in a gym for almost a decade now I have seen some good things but a lot more of the bad. So many people have trouble with creating an effective workout plan and sticking to it. I have seen people come and go, crazy antics, and daily members who […]

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Success with Personal training

Fear Failure Not Success

We all have fears. Some big, some small, but either way it is utterly impossible to traverse through life without a handful of them. I, myself, am scared of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers…not my thing. I don’t swim very well and the fear of the unknown freaks me out. You may see me in a […]

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Is your Health Food Really Healthy?

The world is becoming more health conscious every year. Food companies are making  so called health food products, the fast food industry is trying to make healthier menus, and people are making smarter choices when it comes to their food.   This is a wonderful thing and is much needed with obesity continually affecting more […]

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The Myth Of Programming

Original Credit: Programming isn’t really a thing, yet most people buy into the hype of online programming. Don’t let this be you! Powerlifting is an ever-evolving sport. Starting as a strength sport only for those daring enough to suit up in multi-ply gear, powerlifting has gained enough popularity that just about anyone interested in […]

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