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3 Most Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes by basedchance Working in a gym for almost a decade now I have seen some good things but a lot more of the bad. So many people have trouble with creating an effective workout plan and sticking to it. I have seen people come and go, crazy antics, and daily members who […]

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The Myth Of Programming

Programming isn’t really a thing, yet most people buy into the hype of online programming. Don’t let this be you! Powerlifting is an ever-evolving sport. Starting as a strength sport only for those daring enough to suit up in multi-ply gear, powerlifting has gained enough popularity that just about anyone interested in working out has [...] Read More

Improve Movement Day by Day

Louisville personal trainer Chance Cianciola of Everyday Athletes shares thoughts on improving your movements everyday. Through my years of training and coaching I have never found anyone who is a perfect mover, including myself. We all have issues whether it is weak muscles, tight and restricted joints, or lack of coordination through specific movements. At […]

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Facts Needed to Prevent Hamstring Strains

Facts Needed to Prevent Hamstring Strains By: Brad Longazel Once you’ve experienced a hamstring strain, you wish nothing more than for it to never have happened or at least for it to never happen again. The sad truth behind this desire is that once you’ve strained it once, it has an increased risk of reoccurring. […]

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Three moves you should be doing for strength training

Everyone has different goals when it comes to fitness. Some people simply work out to look better while others are striving for certain numbers such as a time on a run or a weight on the bar. Others just know they need to be active to stay healthy. Regardless of the goals one might have, […]

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