The Myth Of Programming

Programming isn’t really a thing, yet most people buy into the hype of online programming. Don’t let this be you! Powerlifting is an ever-evolving sport. Starting as a strength sport only for those daring enough to suit up in multi-ply gear, powerlifting has gained enough popularity that just about anyone interested in working out has started to adopt powerlifting into their training. Over the past decade, the volume of powerlifting meets across the country has more than doubled, and the number of participants is growing at an exponential rate. Add the advent of Instagram and [...]

No More Fat Powerlifters

No More Strong Fat Guys A Conditioning Guide for Strength Athletes by Chance Cianciola | 03/31/15 Tags: Conditioning Finishers Powerlifting & Strength Here's what you need to know... Programmed wisely, concurrent training – working on strength and conditioning at the same time – can make you stronger. The myth about endurance work causing strength loss was taken from research involving extreme cases. GPP isn't that important for powerlifting meets, but it is when it comes to training for those meets. Having a solid foundation of conditioning will speed recovery from strength training. Mobility circuits kill [...]

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Women’s Pro/Am Powerlifting Meet

This past Saturday was the SPF Women's Pro/Am powerlifting meet in Cincinnati. Competing in the meet was two of our own, Judy Metcalf and Lesley Lintelman. This was Judy's first full meet as she competed in a bench only meet back in the fall of 2011 and this was Lesley's first meet altogether. There were quite a few lifters at the meet which was great to see being it was a Women's only meet. It's great to see more and more women getting involved in powerlifting and realizing it's more than ok for women to lift heavy! [...]

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Is Your Squat to Low?

Is Your Squat Too Low? TAGS: hamstring strength, Chance Cianciola, preventing injury, squat depth, powerlifter   The squat is one of the main lifts in powerlifting and the most important movement in sports conditioning. It's taught and performed in an assortment of ways. The fundamentals are universal, but details such as stance width, toe direction, and squat depth tend to differ. One aspect that is consistently debated is whether below parallel is a must or bad for the body. Truthfully, there isn't any definite answer to that debate. Every person is different and can reach [...]

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5 Moves For Prodigious Power In The Gym – Strength Training

5 Moves for Power Training 1Power: A term often used to describe strong, quick movements in athletics. Power is the amount of work done per unit of time. The linebacker buries a running back in the time it takes you to click the remote control. That's pure power, the sum of speed plus strength. Some power comes naturally, a product of genetics, but you can train for it, too. Techniques like plyometrics, Olympic lifts, and throws are used to train athletes around the world. Powerlifters also use power training to increase overall strength. Although there [...]

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