Everyday Athletes of Louisville, personal trainer Chance Cianciola shares his thoughts on motivation. I recently downloaded a book on motivation and it is a collection of thoughts from different coaches all over the country about motivation. It made me think about motivation and how I perceive it. Everyone is motivated differently. Some people are motivated by competition while others are motivated by how they look. However it may be, we all need to find what motivates us and use it to its fullest. I know for me, motivation roots from a need to be better. [...]

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4 easy steps to a better you

Start with these four easy steps to a better you: set goals In today’s world health is becoming more and more a priority. Everywhere you look products are being targeted towards health and weight loss. Food vendors are creating low calorie snacks, heart healthy meals, and body boosting supplements. Watch TV and you are almost guaranteed to see an infomercial selling a new piece of exercise equipment or workout routine. This is all for good reason too as our country is seeing disease and obesity at their highest. With so much information, however, it is [...]

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Taking a step back to move forward

Linear periodization has always been a foundation of many strength training programs. But let’s be serious, the body does not adapt in a linear fashion. The body goes through periods of stagnation along with periods of explosion. Many times gains can come in a burst after being at a sticking point for months. So, to say that linear periodization is the best way to go leaves a lot to be gained. There are many other philosophies on periodization but I am not going to get into all of those today. I am more interested in [...]

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Alleviate discomfort in the wrist start with tissue quality

Discomfort in your wrist start with tissue quality Last week I talked about problems of the wrist and elbow and how many people deal with pain and discomfort on a daily basis. The wrist extensors on the top side of the forearm and the wrist flexors on the bottom side of the forearm are a large reason for these issues. Imbalances, poor tissue quality, and overuse can all cause pain and discomfort at the joints above and below the forearm. If you are one of these people dealing with this pain you are probably asking [...]

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Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting: It’s More Than Just a Goal With most things in life, there are reasons why we do something. We go to school to educate ourselves in hopes of a job. We date in hopes to find someone we can tolerate for a long period of time. And we go to the gym in hopes to look better, be stronger, or just increase our level of badassness. Almost everything we do is done for the reason of reaching a goal. Some of these goals are ingrained and second nature, but others are harder to [...]

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