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4 easy steps to a better you

Start with these four easy steps to a better you: set goals In today’s world health is becoming more and more a priority. Everywhere you look products are being targeted towards health and weight loss. Food vendors are creating low calorie snacks, heart healthy meals, and body boosting supplements. Watch TV and you are almost guaranteed to see an infomercial selling a new piece of exercise equipment or workout routine. This is all for good reason too as our country is seeing disease and obesity at their highest. With so much information, however, it is [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need to be Stronger by Louisville Personal Trainer Brad Longazel

5 Reasons why you need to be Stronger In what I thought was just a normal training session, I was proposed an interesting question that froze me. Why do I need to be any stronger? I paused briefly, this was a client I personally considered for his age group and training history to be very strong. I asked myself what application and need does this desk jockey have for lifting heavier loads. My personal goals and desire for optimal lifting performance where creeping into his program. I wanted him to squat heavy. But did he [...]

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The Everyday Athlete

What is the difference between an athlete and the general population? Sports skills and the elite physical shape they are in. Not every person in the world is going to have amazing talent at a sport, but everyone can reach a high level of physical conditioning. Most people work out to look good and stay healthy. Athletes, for the most part, have very desirable bodies and shapes and stay healthy and functional. Which is more attractive to you? I assume most of you chose the pictures on the left. So if we all workout and [...]

Get Healthy: Non-Boring Cardio…. Interval Training

Non Boring Cardio aka Interval Training Imagine yourself walking into the gym after a long day of work. The last thing you want to do is move mindlessly on a treadmill or elliptical for an hour or so to burn off those unwanted calories from the cookies you ate last night. But you have to get that weight off for the big cruise you have set in two months, so off to the treadmill it is. What if there was another way you could burn those calories and maybe even more and do it in [...]

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Weights and women, four tips to better lower body

Four tips to better lower body The weight room, once a place for only men, is seeing more and more women, which is a wonderful thing. For the fear of “bulking up” and “getting manly”, women have stayed to the cardio equipment in hopes of staying thin. It is now mainstream knowledge that women should lift weights just as men have and the treadmill is not the only answer for a good body. For this reason women are stepping off of the elliptical and into a squat rack. The only issue now is the knowledge [...]

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