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Facts Needed to Prevent Hamstring Strains

Facts Needed to Prevent Hamstring Strains By: Brad Longazel Once you’ve experienced a hamstring strain, you wish nothing more than for it to never have happened or at least for it to never happen again. The sad truth behind this desire is that once you’ve strained it once, it has an increased risk of reoccurring. This is especially true if you’re performing any activity that requires hip flexion combined with knee extension such as sprinting. If you’re doing sprints in your program, this can be a very dangerous set up if you have a history [...]

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Disable Your Strength Limits Focus on Pain

Disable Your Strength Limits Focus on Pain The world of lifting can be narrowed down to one criterion for success—focus. We focus on setting new records, getting in the right nutrients, and staying mobile. What happens to a great number of us all too often is that we get so focused on one goal that all other health factors fall by the wayside. When we're looking for that PR, the anterior knee pain that flairs up, the shoulder that spasms, or the low back twinges that arise are mere obstacles in the way of the [...]

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Three moves you should be doing for strength training

Everyone has different goals when it comes to fitness. Some people simply work out to look better while others are striving for certain numbers such as a time on a run or a weight on the bar. Others just know they need to be active to stay healthy. Regardless of the goals one might have, there are a lot of similarities between the different goals when it comes to the program. Whether you are trying to burn fat, gain strength, or stay healthy, there must be strength training involved. Strength training makes our muscles stronger [...]

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A Case for Wide Squats

Squats are a staple of any sound exercise program. Whether goblet, front, or back, we need to include them, and we need to squat wide. The value that squats add to quadriceps growth and functional capacity in life is undoubted. However, traditional or narrow stance squats simply don’t provide the same total muscular activity as a wide stance. Conventional wisdom of ideal squat form has been popularized, and anyone with half an interest in strength training will eventually stumble upon information on how to improve and modify the lift. Squats should be looked at as [...]

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4 easy steps to a better you

Start with these four easy steps to a better you: set goals In today’s world health is becoming more and more a priority. Everywhere you look products are being targeted towards health and weight loss. Food vendors are creating low calorie snacks, heart healthy meals, and body boosting supplements. Watch TV and you are almost guaranteed to see an infomercial selling a new piece of exercise equipment or workout routine. This is all for good reason too as our country is seeing disease and obesity at their highest. With so much information, however, it is [...]

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