Sitting back tonight, watching my weekly dose of “That 70’s Show” and getting ready for another week in this thing we call life. I have been thinking a lot today about how “off” I have felt this entire past week. It has been one of those weeks where nothing felt good, everything agitated me, and I just wanted to avoid all people and sink into solitude. I am yet to understand the cause of a week like this but they tend to happen every now and then. Maybe I am on my period, maybe its the alignment of the moon, but whatever it is it needs to stop.

It’s times like this that take extra effort in the world of positivity. For those who don’t know, I am a huge believer of the Law of Attraction and positive energy brings positive life. By settling into a negative mindset I am just perpetuating a negative cloud around me that sucks in bad. I have spent a lot of my alone time today working on changing my mindset. Meditation, evaluation, and re-focus have been the key to a lot of this change. There is a lot of positive in my life right now and that is what I must focus on to keep that energy rolling.

I have a lot of work coming my way over the next couple of months. It is time to get reset for a new year with the business, the Holiday season is among us, and I have personal training goals to hit. Staying focused is a must and bringing positivity to myself and those around me is key to my success. Time to reverse this funk and for those of you who experience similar moods, use meditation to change that mindset into one that is positive and helpful.