Everything you need to know about our Living Social Strength Camp offer for Everyday Athletes Personal Training in Louisville

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple just follow these easy steps

  1. Register for our gym click here.
  2. Sign up for our orientation we hold orientations throughout the week. ( if you are not sent directly to it after your register click here)
  3. Come to your selected orientation session in gym clothes and we will schedule out your strength camp sessions for the month.
  4. If you have any trouble scheduling on our site we hold open orientations on Saturdays from 12-2pm. Just call to let us know you are coming in and we will take care of the rest. You can reach us at 502-275-0543 or cpifitness@gmail.com.

What is involved in the orientation?

The orientation for Strength Camp takes anywhere from 20-30min. and will cover a few things. We like to know a basic health and fitness history and we also screen you for any movement restrictions i.e. tight muscles. We will go over any goals you would like to set and also work to establish a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the gym. Our years of experience have allowed us to know that nutrition is vital to your success and we strive to set you up for success all around with nutritional guidance.

What should I bring?

All that is needed is yourself! It would be a great idea to come in gym clothes or anything you can move comfortably in.

What times are Strength Camp personal training offered?

Strength Camp personal training is offered all throughout the day. It is personal training in a small group setting normally 3-5 other people. Sessions start as early as 7:00am and our last session starts at 8:30pm.

How long are Strength Camp personal training sessions?

Sessions include an individualized warm-up and training session, 10-15min warm-up and a 30min training session to follow. But, you can be in and out within a half hour if time is tight.

What is a Strength Camp session like?

It is best seen in action.

What are typical results?

Based on previous client experiences, it is not uncommon to lose 10-15 lbs. and we can guarantee you will be stronger at the end of the month or your money back!

Is there anything else included with my deal?

Actually there are many other things included in your deal. We are glad to include open access to:

  1. METCON: METCON is our free conditioning class offered at 7pm Mon-Fri.
  2. Yoga classes offered at 6:00pm on Sun.
  3. Access to cardio equipment at any time during your visit. Treadmills, rowing machines, and bikes
  4. Access to nationally recognized coaches that are here to help answer any questions you many have. Honestly, this is huge having access to this staff is like having access to an encyclopedia of fitness knowledge.

Who will be my coach?

We currently have three of our coaches running Strength Camps (Click on the name to learn more about each coach)

  1. Matt Hill
  2. Judy Metcalf
  3. Brian Figg