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Disable Your Strength Limits Focus on Pain

Disable Your Strength Limits Focus on Pain The world of lifting can be narrowed down to one criterion for success—focus. We focus on setting new records, getting in the right nutrients, and staying mobile. What happens to a great number of us all too often is that we get so focused on one goal that all other health factors fall by the wayside. When we're looking for that PR, the anterior knee pain that flairs up, the shoulder that spasms, or the low back twinges that arise are mere obstacles in the way of the [...]

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Everyday Athletes on Listens Live

Check out Louisville Personal Trainers Brad Longazel and Chance Cianciola on WAVE Listens Live. Here they will demonstrate easy at home exercises anyone can do to help get them ready for the gym. Make sure when choosing a gym in Louisville to consider education backgrounds. Brad Longazel and Chance Cianciola are both Masters Degree holding trainers as well they are holders of multiple certifications. That is why  Everyday Athletes is your choice for personal training. [microinv id=microinv_1380758828]

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