Performance Lab with BodPod body fat testing in Louisville, KY

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How can the Everyday Athletes Performance Lab help me?

Simple Answer: The Performance Lab at the Everyday Athletes offers the most precise and science-based performance and body composition testing protocols available. The information gained from this testing will give you the most accurate picture of where you are and where you are going on your journey toward better health and fitness.

Tests Provided at Everyday Athletes Performance Lab

BodPod / Body Composition Tests

  • BodPod Testing will give one the most accurate data (+/- 2.5%) on body composition (percentage of fat-mass vs. fat free mass)

Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Learn how many calories the body uses at rest to perform basic metabolic functions
  • Determine the primary fuel source used by the body at rest (carbohydrate or fat)
  • Use this information to determine appropriate caloric intake and energy expenditure through exercise

Muscular Power Tests

  • The Vertec vertical jump test will reveal vertical jump height and average/peak power of the lower body musculature
  • 1 RM strength test can be performed on any muscle group and will provide a maximum strength value for that muscle group
  • 1 RM data can be used to safely and accurately set training loads to allow for continued, optimal adaptation to a resistance-training program

FMS Screening

  • The ability to avoid injury and remain active is highly dependent on the ability to move joints through a full range of motion
  • Data from our FMS Movement testing will identify areas are limited
  • We will ask you to perform 8 specific movements
  • From the assessment of your movement patterns we will be able to determine what muscle groups are leading to pain or discomfort
  • We can then advise you on what areas need to be isolated for improvement and pain relief
Test Non-Member         :

FMS Screening 50.00 FREE
1 RM Strength Testing 35.00 FREE
Resting Met. Rate 50.00 FREE
Vertical Jump Testing 40.00 FREE
BodPod Test
(single test)
50.00 FREE
BodPod Test (pkg of 2) 90.00 FREE
Consulting Fee
(exercise / nutrition)
150.00 FREE
Full Testing Evaluation** 125.00 FREE

**Includes  1 RM strength test, Vertical Jump test, FMS screening, and BodPod test, and Consulting session.

Please call 502-275-0543 to schedule a test or email us at

What is the preparation like for a BodPod test?

BodPod in Louisville, KY Test Preparation

BodPod at Everyday Athletes in Louisville, KYA BOD POD body composition assessment is extremely simple, comfortable, and takes only about 5 minutes (less than two minutes inside).

Prior to testing, clients should not work-out 2 hours prior, eat/drink 1 hour prior to testing.  It is a volume test, so we want you going in as small as possible.  Attire is Spandex/Under Armour type compression clothing.  Swim cap will be provided. 

Clothing, hair, jewelry, and eyeglasses can have a significant impact on the volume and mass measurements performed during a BOD POD test. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all subjects tested in the BOD POD remove all jewelry and eyeglasses, and wear minimal, form-fitting clothing such as a Lycra® or Spandex® swimsuit during testing. Single-layer compression shorts and/or lightweight jog bras are also acceptable clothing (without padding or wires).  A swim cap must also be worn to compress any air pockets within the hair. 

Can I get multiple tests at once?
You can take multiple tests on the same day. We even offer a discount for doing tests back to back.

How often can I get a test?
You can test as frequently as you would like, but we highly recommend that you wait at least 4 weeks between any tests? This will provide enough time to see a real change. in results.