“I am grateful for any opportunity to do things better as an athlete and as stiff and immobile Dad I needed to get back to basics. I wanted to be able to move just as well as my kids and Everyday Athletes Mobility class is helping me do it. I can feel a difference when I wake up in the morning and get out of bed. This class is a must if you have two feet but seem to find yourself sitting all day.”

– Ronnie Mattingly, Louisville, KY

Improve your Strength, Power, Speed & Agility

Do you want to become more mobility with better movements, stronger lifts and more skill? Our mobility class can help you get there.

Repair & Rejuvenate

In this class, you will relieve stress after a tough workout, relieve nagging pains from an injury and prepare your body for intense workouts. Mobility class will teach you how to use certain fitness tools to improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your fitness potential, decrease possible injuries and become a better athlete. Our experienced instructors will spend time teaching you how to use fitness tools to improve the movements in your joints and muscles.

Benefits You Will Receive

If you want to complete a deeper squat or get your arms into a strong overhead position, mobility will help you do just that and more. The movements in mobility will help condition your body to complete that position that you’ve been working on for months. We will help you discover new areas to mobilize, make sure that you are doing it correctly and provide you with other beneficial exercises. Instructors will guide the class based on requests and add their own exercises based on specific areas.

Stretch out your body and give it a little more TLC. Sometimes your body needs to restore itself after a grueling workout and this class allows it to do that. Come in for a mobility class today!

What to Expect

Mobility class is a 30min training class focused on improving your range of motion and flexibility. Our modern lives have limited our motion and in return has shortened our muscle length. Restoring full range of motion back to your body requires dedicated time and mobility class will cover all areas of your body to help you get rid of those nagging aches and pains of life.

How to Join-in

Mobility classes are free with all Everyday Athletes memberships. Simply pick the membership level that best fits your training needs and all other classes are free.