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Here’s the setting: It’s about 8AM on a Saturday morning in the parking lot of Everyday Athletes in Louisville, KY. A line of cars begins to pile into the lot outside of a large warehouse.

The people start to filter inside the warehouse, and peppered in-between the moans and groans usually associated with being up that early are laughs and stories about the previous week.

Depending on who’s manning the radio, death metal or rap starts to blare, the smell of liniment and chalk strikes the nostrils, and heavy weight starts to get thrown around. This is the scenario we go through every week. This is strongman.

Having what you need to prep and compete is what makes the difference in the world of Strongman training. At Everyday Athletes, we provide a well- rounded training opportunity with a large certified coaching staff and everything you need in the world of Strongman, we know we will give you the competitive advantage. Strongman training in Louisville has the best new home with our elite staff and training facility.

Our Approach Strongman Training and Weightlifting

Whether you are a beginner exploring what Strongman training is after watching an ESPN special, or if you are looking to stack on more plates to that Yoke and crush the competition, we offer two types of training plans. Each session is held in our fully stocked sports performance gym.

1. Personal Training: This gives you one-on-one time and individualized instruction from a certified personal trainer. This option is perfect for beginners, those who are peaking for a competition, or for those who are simply looking to increase their abilities in a more personal setting.

2. Open access: Finding a gym that allows chalk alone can be a hassle. But we go far beyond having access the the implements of strongman training can be even harder. We have it all and work to add more every month. Getting your hands on a log and body under a yoke is as easy as picking it up and starting at Everyday Athletes. We want everyone to get a chance to excel and we give you the opportunity to train for strongman the right way

What To Expect From Our Gym

Our coaches begin with a comprehensive orientation and evaluation of your current strongman abilities and fitness level. If you are new to lifting, we are happy to provide an introduction to the sport as well as valuable safety training to avoid injuries. Each individual evaluation also includes a full movement assessment to find any muscle imbalances and a Bod Pod test for measuring body composition. We take care of each member on an individual level to provide instruction, motivation, and avoid injuries.

Once we have evaluated your fitness level, goals, and abilities, we start with basic training our training center. Our coaching staff can help you learn or improve your strongman training with every implement under the sun.

Some of the most popular implements of training we include:

– Yokes
– Logs
– Atlas Stones 75-250lbs.
– Axle Bars
– Farmer Walk Handles
– Tires
– Rickshaw
– Sandbags 100-300lbs.
– Circus Dumbbells
– Dragging and Push Sleds
– Ropes

Literally, every specialty bar on the market if you can think of it, we have it:

– Deadlift platform
– Bands / Chains
– Boards
– Racks

This is only part of what we offer at Everyday Athletes. Stop by and see our full line of state-of-the-art equipment. Our gym is open for tours where you can see the entire facility, talk to the staff and see what we have to offer as one of the only USAW and USPA certified training centers in the state of Kentucky.

What Makes Strongman a New and Exciting Training Plan

This type of training is very old school, or Rocky Balboa-esque. But what about for you? How could strongman training help you in your daily life and workout program? Here are a few reasons to consider outside of just being strong.

  • Functional, usable strength – Strongman training will work wonders for your functional strength. You can easily argue that a deadlift, squat and the olympic lifts are ‘functional’, and they are, to a point. But when we get into the real world there are no perfectly greased collars, well-chalked 20 kg bar with symmetrical weights added to each side. There are odd-objects and awkward grip placements in the real world. If you have ever moved furniture or taken groceries up a few flights of stairs, you know what I am talking about. And if you have ever needed to lift something in the wilderness…it is all heavy and awkward; making you feel like your time in the gym is useless. So, yes, there are some benefits to strongman training.

  • Grip Strength – Who doesn’t want to impress someone with their jar-opening skills? Guys, never fail your lady when she needs a hand, or ladies, show your man you do not need his skills! But more seriously, improving your grip strength can help with holding onto the bar longer whether you are doing cleans, kettlebell swings or pull-ups.

  • Stronger Max Lifts – Yes, lifting the weird awkward stuff does make lifting traditional weights easier. The main reason is because in barbell training it is best to keep the bar close to your body for increased power and strength. You don’t have that option with odd-objects, and are forced away from the body which will help develop a stronger midline. Lifting in this way creates an extremely strong core, as it is always in use, thus helping you in every aspect of lifting.

  • Increased Variety – Strongman training is just a fun tool to throw into your training toolbox. It is a new stimuli to keep your muscles guessing. Practicing the less efficient movements will make the efficient movements easier.

  • Bodybuilding-like benefits – Oh, and it turns out strongman lifting can make you bigger, don’t worry ladies, your bodies operate in a different way…But for the guys! You may be of the mindset that the only way to get bigger is to lift like a bodybuilder, but that isn’t really true. So for this one I point you to a study that proves strongman training elicits an acute endocrine response similar to recognized hypertrophic protocols when equated for duration and exercise intensity. Long story short…strongman training can make your muscles grow.

Strongman training is not just for men

Strongman is one of the fastest growing sports in the areas of fitness for women and girls. The lifts associated with it are not just a training program only designed for me. We all move in essential ways everyday. Picking up weights be it from shopping trips, kids, or briefcases we all need to be strong to move in our life. Strongman is a sport that involves all different types of functional movements be it squatting, carrying weight, or just being fit enough to climb the stairs. Strongman training gives everyone a way to train for life in a new and fun way. Who wants to just run on a treadmill when you can be strong enough to pick it up and run with it.

As you increase your muscle mass, you also increase your metabolism, which makes other fitness activities more effective. Girls who strength train often report increased confidence, self-esteem, and a new found power that comes from lifting.

Training and focusing on a new level of technique can be a challenge to master. Having a team around you to help progress in life and training is always a major plus with strongman training. Learning to be a better lifter incorporates basic strength training to get stronger while improving your strength. We focus on you and getting you stronger not just to lift more but to live better.

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“Strongman training gave me a new outlet. Having trained for years in traditional weightlifting doing the same movements day in and day out got a little redundant. Picking up stones, carrying weight, and lifting logs over my head is far from boring.”

– Brad Longazel – Louisville, KY

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