An Uncomfortable Girl Gets Strong

By Brigid Morrissey She has often wondered, “Why would you want to lose weight and take up less space in this world?” And, that was the question Michelle Jones rhetorically asked as I met her at Everyday Athletes. Michelle turned 30 in November, and to her it was a big deal — not because she’s […]

No More Fat Powerlifters

No More Strong Fat Guys A Conditioning Guide for Strength Athletes by Chance Cianciola | 03/31/15 Tags: Conditioning Finishers Powerlifting & Strength Here’s what you need to know… Programmed wisely, concurrent training – working on strength and conditioning at the same time – can make you stronger. The myth about endurance work causing strength loss […]

Learn Proper Breathing Patterns: Learn to Lift More

When we talk squatting, the first muscles that come to mind are almost always quads. The more advanced and educated will have a long list of additions: hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, and (last but not least) core. How do most training programs that are designed to increase your squat look? Sure, you will squat and […]

Fast Track to Healthy Diet Course

Everyday Athletes Fast Track to Healthy Diet Course May 12th- June 7th Have you always wanted to learn how to eat clean and get the lean body you have always wanted? Well, what’s holding you back? Do you have sugar and carb cravings that just drive you nuts? Do you suffer from fatigue, lethargy, depression […]

Living Social Strength Camp Deal F.A.Q.s

Everything you need to know about our Living Social Strength Camp offer for Everyday Athletes Personal Training in Louisville How do I get started? Getting started is simple just follow these easy steps Register for our gym click here. Sign up for our orientation we hold orientations throughout the week. ( if you are not […]

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