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Personal Training

Everyday Athletes Personal Training in Louisville works to understand your needs. We utilize the most efficient program possible based on your goals and the knowledge of the most educated training staff in Louisville, KY to get the you that you are wanting to see. Personal training with guaranteed results .

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Semi Private Training

Semi Private personal training in Louisville focuses on your specific needs and goals while supporting 2-4 other people. We know training can be more fun with a team and provides the fun and support that gets left out all to often. Get the results you want today with support along the way.

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METCON is the only Bootcamp in Louisville that will get you results on a tight schedule. Training doesn't have to take your life away. METCON will get your heart pumping and pounds falling. Also the only Bootcamp class to offer real time heart rate monitoring so you know how hard your working.

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Performance Lab

Everyday Athletes Personal Training is proud to offer the only public performance lab in Louisville, KY. Offering the only BodPod testing center in Louisville. We have the tools to assess and provide real data for tracking real results. Body Fat, VO2, and power performance can all be found here.

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Everyday Athletes Louisville Personal Training

Everyday Athletes Fitness Solutions

Everyday Athletes Personal Training here in Louisville is your premier location for one on one personal training. Personal training is about getting you the results you want as fast as possible. With the popularity of personal training locations opening in Louisville we knew we needed to stand out. We strive to be the most personalized training option in Louisville.

Personal Trainers in Louisville

Our community atmosphere makes your goal OUR goal. We pride ourselves on using the science behind creating athleticism and strength and applying it to the needs and wants of the general population. This helps those wanting to make a change in their health and well-being easier with our guidance.

Whether the goals are fat loss, strength gain, improved movement, or just feeling better, we can create a program and lifestyle to achieve these goals. At Everyday Athletes we don’t believe in gimmicks or flash; instead we trust in and apply methods that have been working for years. Everyday Athletes is your choice for personal training.

The Personal Touch

No one wants to be just a number in a system. It is nice to be treated as an individual and helped based on that individuality. Getting a personal coach does just that. A coach can look at your specific needs and create the program that fits those needs and creates results, maximizing your time and money spent in the gym.

At Everyday Athletes coaches run each client through an assessment that takes a look not only at goals but also injury history, movement needs, body composition, and causes for pain. Gathering as much information as possible allows a complete program to be designed. From here, a personal coach can guide a client, ensuring proper movement and making the needed changes along the way. Think of a coach as a road map with the directions to a goal.

Nutrition and lifestyle are another huge aspect to health. This is where many people falter because they are not exactly sure what to eat or how to recover. This again is where a personal coach can lend a helping hand. Coaches look at the things being eaten and the stress and other factors in life that cause problems and give the advice needed to make improvements. It doesn’t make sense to put in all that effort at the gym and ruin it at home with poor diet, sleeping patterns and other unhealthy habits you might not be conscious of.

Some may say it is too expensive to pay for a personal coach but think of it this way: why waste money each month with a gym membership that you may not be using to your full benefit when for just a little more, you could be given the exact program and guidance that will promise results. In the fitness world people pay for the results they want and the proper training knowledge that comes with it. Invest in a coach and get the return you are looking for.

What can I expect with training?

Everyday Athletes personal training in Louisville focuses on you. Learning your goals and needs helps us hold you accountable and motivate you to reach your goals. Having the most educated staff in the city allows us to do other things that most gyms can’t. The movement screening process here starts it all off on the right foot. We get to know how your body works and moves. We take your current movement patterns and help correct and perfect each pattern. Each session with one of our coaches works to improve strength, endurance, and mobility all while honing in on your specific goals.

How to get started at Everyday Athletes Louisville Personal Training

Please call us at 502-275-0543 to get started or you can follow the link below and schedule an orientation with one of our certified coaches. We will give you a quick tour of our facility to help you feel at home. After we learn a little more about your training history we walk you through a pain free movement screening. Using the information for the screening we will start developing the most effective and comprehensive training program possible. Learning as much about you and what goals you are working towards is our main priority. Let us help you become the ideal version of yourself. Start with two free weeks of training and schedule your orientation today.

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I've been training at Everyday Athletes for more than three years - personal training sessions twice a week. I am in better shape and healthier than I have been in years. I've made steady progress, stayed motivated, maintained a healthy weight and suffered no injuries working out - all because of my trainer. The personal trainers here actually work with you, not with cookie cutter sessions! My program is based on my body's needs. I couldn't be happier. Also taking some of the free classes that come with membership. EA is the best!

Threw a combination of training and nutrition education, Everyday Athletes helped me loose 90 pounds before I found out I was pregnant. I've continued my training threw out my pregnancy and it has helped me stay healthy and active. There is no one else I would trust to help me get a better-than-before-baby body once my little one arrives (any day now) and I am cleared by my doctor to start training again. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

I've been training at EA for almost a year. The ownership and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The personal programs designed for me were always varied, fun and challenging. The gym is clean with a lot of space and equipment to accommodate for any type of training for any age. If you’re looking for a trainer or a standing appointment to keep to motivated to go to the gym you won’t be disappointed at EA.

I used to work out at a large gym, and went through five personal trainers there. Then I found EA, and I have been training here for a few years now... With the SAME trainer, Brad L. This is an awesome place to workout. You pay a small fee for personal training, and with the personal training you also get an open gym to workout when you want. They have group workouts also, and they don't cost any extra. My progress has been amazing. I have dropped 36# over that time and at age fifty-three I can say I am in better shape and stronger than when I was in my twenties. It took me years to start working out, but I will never look back, and did I say? This place is AWESOME!